There is a weekly requirement for the NSE to report on the following COVID-19 cases:Any self-isolation (with or without symptoms).

Any suspected COVID-19 cases (with or without hospitalisation)

Any confirmed COVID-19 cases (with or without hospitalisation)

Any other issues where personnel are having issues / difficulties due to COVID-19 concerns.

Service Personnel are now expected to update the COVID-19 reporting tool found on the Defence Gateway with their current COVID status as it changes.  This is an administrative reporting function that will inform the MOD as to the state of the Armed Forces during the pandemic.  In addition, you are requested to inform the NSE if you are self-isolating or in quarantine due to COVID symptoms or on advice from either your LM or Preventative Medicine.  This information will be utilised to feed the HMG situational awareness but will also ensure that the right level of support is made available to you IF you need to remain at home.

Please note that the current COVID-19 Medical notification guidelines MUST be followed in all cases.

Administrative notification should be through the NSE during working hours (Mon to Thu between 1700 and 0830 hrs, Fri from 1500 until Mon 0830 hrs) on or by phone on +32 (0) 6544 ext’s: 5239 / 5223 / 8033 / 8669 out of hours notification is not required.