The SNR will be holding a Town Hall on Thu 11 Feb from 1830 hrs for all SHAPE/EJSU personnel.  Capt Lee Hazard (RN) will be attending the Town Hall and will be available for questions about COVID Vaccinations, a short brief of what his appointment is/does is below for your ease:

“Captain Lee Hazard of the Royal Navy, Senior Medical Advisor of Operations and Commitments at the Ministry of Defence in the UK. I support, advice and assure, the medical component of Head Office’s current global operations and a member of the Defence Crisis Management Organisation. In this it looks to translate political military ambition into military strategic objectives and I provide the medical advice in support of the deployed forces, the force health risks and provide recommendations for medical capabilities. I am also responsible for Strategic Medical Intelligence and Medical Warfare Development.

During the COVID response and on behalf of the Surgeon General, I advise Defence Ministers and senior leaders on an appropriate medical response either with Defence Medical capabilities or medical effects delivered by others. I link force health protection to Defence including vaccination advice, testing and risk mitigation.”

Questions should be sent into the by 1400 hrs on Wed 10 Feb.