Motor Insurance

All service personnel are reminded to check the small print of their vehicle insurance policies. Some companies have introduced clauses which exclude driving on MOD sites and military bases. If living on base, it is important that insurance companies are made aware of this. Companies might refuse a claim if it transpires that someone has used a parental address rather than the SLA address. A person’s address is an important aspect of the insurance quote, failure to declare the correct address can be perceived by your insurance company as misrepresentation giving them sufficient grounds to either delay/reduce/refuse your claim or apply additional terms such as increasing your excess or adding an additional premium. If your insurers fail to accept liability you could be legally responsible for any damage caused.

If you are unsure there are specialist Military Insurance providers who can advise you on this matter.

Vehicle Finance

A new protocol is being developed to try and ensure that Service Personnel do not sign up to car finance products that might be unsuitable. We continue to see cases where an overseas move has resulted in the Service Person having to return the vehicle or pay a significant amount to extract from a contract. When looking at finance options, it is really important that the finance company is aware if you have a liability to service overseas. For the avoidance of any doubt, personnel are advised to keep emails or messages which can be used to prove that the possibility of overseas postings were discussed.

I will raise these at the next gathering of our contacts in the Financial Services industry, in March. If recipients have any others issues to do with financial services, please let me know.


Parliament watchers will have noticed that the Armed Forces Bill 2021 has started its journey through parliament. It will become law later in the year and, among other things, will require public providers of healthcare, education and housing to give due consideration to the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant when making decisions.

Not about the Covenant, but it is, nevertheless, useful…..


BFPO customers in EU locations are advised that mail subject to recent delays is continuing to work its way through an extremely busy civil mail network system. Additionally, BFPO have successfully trialled a number of alternate mail conveyance methods which are now working in most areas. Customers are, at this time, still advised that a return to normal service frequencies is not yet possible and transit times will be effected until new systems fully bed in.

BFPO have experienced an interruption with deliveries to, and UK return services from, BFPO Naples and Milan. BFPO customers in these locations are advised that BFPO parcel services and UK return services via the Naples Forces Post Office are temporarily suspended with immediate effect. Customers in these locations are to cease mail order activity and inform family/friends to delay sending items larger than letters (up to 100g).

While we are working hard to rectify the issue, the suspension may result in the return of all items destined for Naples/Milan which do not comply with International Mail Import/Export Regulations introduced on 1 Jan 21, this includes items currently being held at BFPOs Northolt site. BFPO will capture data of all items which are returned to assist customers in providing a proof of return, should this be required. BFPO will issue customers further guidance on claim submission if it becomes necessary to do so.

BFPO customers in Naples/Milan are advised that efforts to unlock the current local customs issues are ongoing at the highest level and BFPO will continue to despatch letter mail (official/private) to Naples/Milan UK defence locations.


The latest Defence Advisory Note (DAN) on border restrictions has been published this week, taking into account the new requirement for travellers from ‘Red List’ countries to enter managed quarantine. All personnel who need to travel overseas should read the DAN and accompanying FAQs.

And finally, as ever, if you feel that you have been disadvantaged because you are in the Armed Forces, or you have any queries about the Armed Forces Covenant, contact the team.