SHAPE Director of Management has asked all SHAPE pass holders to register on the SHAPE system for vaccine tracking, whether or not they require a SHAPE vaccine.  If they have had the UK vaccine, they should indicate this in the online questionnaire.

The reason for this is to allow PrevMed to track our overall herd immunity, which is important when considering when and whether to lift some of the restrictions we are living under.

When completing the information you will need the Head of House SHAPE ID No (i.e. OSC, SHA and then numbers with -00 at the end) and your pin number (the one you use for the RIS/entry through pedestrian gates).  If you can’t remember your PIN the attached gives 3 options as to how to obtain it.

When completing the form you should use the following:

  • If you have received the vaccine already, or have a date in the future to receive it, tick the ‘I do not want the vaccine’ and then complete the dates of the 1st and 2nd jabs as appropriate (it will accept future dates). 
  • If you are in the Priority One group for the UK then you are requested to tick the ‘I do not want the vaccine’ and await your call forward to the Med centre.
  • If you are in the Priority Two group for the UK then you can complete the questionnaire to show you would like to be considered for the SHAPE Vaccination Programme, this can be changed at any time by logging back in to tick the ‘I do not want a vaccine’ if you then receive a UK vaccine.
  • If a member of your family has a SHAPE ID and is under the age of 18 you are to tick the ‘I do not want a vaccine’.

The following PDF gives further information on the SHAPE vaccination registration programme: