EJSU mark the anniversary of the UK COVID19 lockdown. – Video Link will not work on MODNET

One year ago we isolated, vaguely aware of the impact and changes happening because of COVID-19.

Little could we have imagined what would change, how fast it would change, how strange it would feel, and just how long it would go on.

Over a year on, it seems important to pause, to give space, to notice not only where we have come from, but also where we are and where we are going. 

And so:

We pause to acknowledge our losses and griefs. 

We pause to acknowledge our emotional responses: Our anger, our fatigue, our frustration, and our fear. 

We pause to remember what and who is missing, what has been changed, the things we long for. 

We also acknowledge the lessons we have learned, the new skills and abilities that have come with adaptability. 

We pause to be reminded of what is most precious, the values that we have recovered, the spaces we have found anew and the reminders of what really matter most in this life. 

Finally we reflect on how far we have come;

Though at times we have been tired and weary and at times we may have wept tears there have also been times when we have all caught glimpses of hope.

And so as we pause to catch our breath, we rest before continuing the journey. 

Recognising that while we grieve we are also grateful.

And while there are times that we will weep there will also be times of laughter.

Those who wish to may pray.

Gracious God, who led your people through the wilderness and brought them to the promised land.

Guide us that we may walk through the wilderness of this world pandemic.

Guide and strengthen our steps as we walk through the valley, lift our eyes to the mountains and unite us, connect us, strengthen us, and guide our footsteps, that we may care for one another. Now and forever, Amen.