The Global Support Organisation (GSO) comprises the European Joint Support Unit (EJSU) with 16 National Support Elements (NSE), the Germany Enabling Office (GEO) and the Global Administration Unit (GAU).  Each of these Units provide different levels of support to their supported populations. The aim of Project VULCAN is to consider how we could consolidate these three separate parts of the GSO into a borderless organisation, with common responsibilities merged, in order to strengthen the support provided to personnel and their families worldwide, whilst enhancing its capabilities and building-in greater resilience. 

Survey Intent: 

We would be grateful if all UK Service Personnel would complete our Project VULCAN Customer Needs Analysis Survey, linked below, in concert with your spouse or partner to try to gauge how well we support all our supported population and not just the SP. We are aware that, in many cases, a Service family posted abroad will be managed and organised at home by the spouse and not the SP.

You can participate in the survey from any device, including phones and answers will be anonymous. We will use the results of the survey to feed into Project VULCAN but will not disclose the information further. The survey is designed to gauge your opinion on how you are supported by the Support Units mentioned above and is not designed to capture the terms and conditions of overseas service. Your feedback, particularly the free text questions, will be hugely appreciated and we thank you for your time and support in informing the future direction of Project VULCAN.

The survey is open until 31 Apr 21 and should take approximately 6 minutes to complete. Thank you for taking part.

Project VULCAN Customer Needs Analysis Survey