All Service personnel and their dependents are to ensure they have matching NATO ID Card numbers. If you find they do not match then please follow the instructions to book an online appointment for your dependents to have their NATO ID Cards updated before 30 Apr 2021.

NATO ID Card Number Examples:             OJN0000000-01 (Sp)

                                                                        OJN0000000-02 (Spouse or Dependent)

                                                                        OJN0000000-O3 (Additional dependent(s)

Appointment bookings link –

Once you have booked an appointment please contact Mrs Lorna Webley  to obtain an AMIS Card application.

Sgt D Parry

Chf Clk

The below email is sent on behalf of Pass&Registration Section Head.

NATO ID Card numbers for Service Personnel and Dependents.

The dependents of these sponsors must make an appointment with Pass&Registration before the 30th April 2021 via the online booking system to get a new NATO ID –

To have their new NATO ID issued on the day of the appointment, the individuals will have to show to Pass&Registration staff a properly filled AMIS application form provided by the support element.

What is the problem and why a sponsor would have a different NATO ID number than his/her dependents ?

For instance, if the sponsor ID number is BRU-0001569-00, the dependents’ ID number should not be different than BRU-0001569-01, BRU-0001569-02, BRU-0001569-03, BRU-0001569-04,….

If a sponsor has changed of posting (e.g. BRU to OJN) or has changed of status (e.g. Military staff member to NATO civilian) since his/her arrival in JFCBS, he/she had to come to Pass&Registration to have a new NATO ID. But it is possible that the dependents, having already valid NATO IDs due to the former posting/status of the sponsor, did not feel the need to change of ID and did not make any appointment with Pass&Registration. In this case the ID numbers do not match anymore.

This issue makes APMS, AMIS and NSTEP databases barely exploitable and it also has an impact on sponsor/dependents’ privileges.

Many thanks in advance for your help.