In order to make life a little easier I am trialing a system whereby staff (Less Mons) can demand clothing online – the form can now be found on all location ‘Guides’ pages under ‘Online Forms’ or here.

As a management and monitoring tool I will see all demand activity and will be looking at the traffic, this is still classed as a one-for-one basis so I do not expect to see multiple demands of the same item, there is also a self-certification that exchange items have been destroyed or returned.

I wish to make all personnel aware of its existence and they can use this system with immediate effect.

The RQMS will decide on how best the consignments are trafficked either DHL bulk to NSE or private addresses.

Mons area has the benefit of the clothing store hence no reason why it would be used and I would expect all in the Mons area to return U/S clothing.

Please direct any questions queries or concerns to myself in the first instance.

Kind Regards

Dave Gordon