Sirs, Ma’ams, Ladies and Gents,

I hope you are all well.  As COVID restrictions change there may be some opportunities to complete Adventurous Training (AT) at your location (many activities are being/already planned).  Personnel who want to organise AT should contact the EJSU Physical Training Instructor (PTI) before any plans are made and any expectations are embedded.  Much organisation is required to complete any form of AT or similar.  Therefore, any AT (or similar) organiser’s first port of call is to contact EJSU J7 to discuss plans and the feasibility of them.  To ensure smooth organisation of AT or similar, contact with EJSU J7 should be made about 12-months in advance of international expeditions and 6-months in advance of in-country activity.  These are not definitive timeframes and can be reduced slightly (they do give an indication of the amount of administration that is involved though).  However, outcomes may be compromised if this timeframe is shortened.   

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