Update v4 to the DL COVID-19 Testing has been released today that includes a new entitlement to reimbursement of COVID-19 Testing for GYH(O) travel, this is an excellent win for the Overseas space and is another example of how supportive AF Rem Allowances are being for those of us serving away from home.

With effect from 14 May 2021, SP and accompanied immediate family returning to the UK utilising a Get You Home (Overseas) warrant  entitlement will be eligible to claim back the costs of COVID-19 testing requirements associated with the country of their Duty Station.

SP are to submit their GYH(O) journey warrant onto JPA in the usual manner prior to travel and submit their leave pass (which should match their travel dates where the SP is travelling).  SPs wishing to take a ‘split warrant’ are to liaise with the NSE prior to applying on JPA to ensure entitlement. Children with an entitlement to SCV travel are not to be included on a GYH(O) journey warrant.

If an SP is requesting official travel, day 2 & 8 testing can be arranged through the COVID Ops Cell using the link below, alternatively an SP can take an advance of expense claim and pay for them privately, further information can be obtained through the NSE:

On return from the GYH(O) travel COVID tests are to be reclaimed on JPA using ‘Miscellaneous’ expense type then selecting ‘Medical, Dental, Opticians and Prescription fees’ from the dropdown menu. SP should record “Return to UK COVID-19 Test DAN 18 test on UK arrival (GYH(O) Journey No xxxxx)” in the justification box.  If an advance of expense claim was taken this must be cleared within 30 days of your return date of it will be recovered direct from your next SOE.  All Expense Claims are to be submitted on JPA within 90 days of the expense date iaw JSP 752, claims submitted outside of the 90 days will require exceptional authority through the Budget Manager before submission on JPA.

Further advice and guidance can be obtained through the NSE on EJSU-SHAPE-NSE-Mailbox@mod.gov.uk

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