If you received your COVID-19 immunisation at a DPHC clinic (or sent us evidence for your records), you will soon be able to demonstrate your vaccination status in the same way as those immunised in the UK NHS programme.  MoD are working with DHSC and NHS Digital to arrange the secure flow of your vaccination information into the NHS database.   To obtain your COVID-19 vaccination status certificate, you can create an online logon at and the certificate will be available here following data transfer.


  1. Set up an NHS login at using a personal device with camera access (not MODNet). You will be required to validate your account with a form of ID such as passport or driving licence. Note: this system does work overseas and is separate to the NHS App.
  1. When you are asked for a postcode, use the DPHC practice postcode BF1 2AG  
  1. You will need to know your NHS Number. NHS numbers are also on all NHS correspondence and prescriptions and some emails about immunisation invite or screening. If you do not hold this it can be found on MyNavy, MyRAF and the Army JiveResponse Apps on the Defence gateway. To help the practice reduce phone traffic in these busy times, if you have not found your number in these ways then please email us to request it.  


  1. A link to the Government information on COVID-19 Certification is here and certificates may be downloaded at This will work once the data has been loaded by the NHS and no earlier than two weeks after you have completed a full course. We anticipate the first data transfer in the next few weeks.
  1. The COVID 19 vaccination certificate has a 4 week expiry date but you can refresh it as required.  There is an option to print your certificate from your device.
  1. For any problems with the NHS online service the Defence COVID-19 Vaccination helpdesk may be contacted using this form: Defence COVID Vaccination Helpdesk Enquiry Form-V2-20210426 . Please remember that full data transfer is still to occur and that there is an interval  between second immunisation and your immune status being certified as the vaccines take time to be effective.

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