There are many Countries that require a negative test certificate before travel/entry into the country, previously these were all PCR tests, however recent weeks have seen a change to allow specific Rapid Antigen tests to be accepted in some countries, you must check the requirements for the country you are visiting/transiting before travel.  Antigen tests can, currently, be used for entry to the UK and France however Belgium still requires a PCR test for the return.  Below are locations where Antigen testing for travel can be undertaken (at private cost) without a NN or prescription. 

As further enhancements are made more opportunities for Antigen Testing will likely become available however these are the current ones the NSE are aware of who have been confirmed for travel testing.    

Rapid Antigen Testing without NN/Dr prescription

Antigen test in Soignies cost €16.85

Brussels Airport.   Appointments should be booked in advance and you can register online.  Open from 0330 until midnight daily for testing but the Call Centre is open Monday to Sunday 08:00 until 22.00 on +32 (0) 78 48 58 26.

Tests available are:

  • €67 for a standard PCR test – results available within 24 hours.
  • €135 for the PCR rapid test – results depend on when the test was taken ranging between 4-6 hrs.
  • €47.4 for an antigen test – results available within 50 minutes after the test was taken.

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