Many of you will now have seen that BPost are changing their charging process wef 01 Jul (to all postal items and not just those over €22) and have implemented an Online payment system, you may also have received a copy of their letter (in French) explaining why and how things will change.  BPost charges are advertised on their website and apply to all mail coming in from outside the EU (which now includes the UK), it isn’t a new thing for BPost but it is a new thing for us since BREXIT.

So how does it work?  The information can be found on their website however, you have to declare the value of the item (e.g. €100), add import costs if applicable (10% if over €150)  then add €24 (€32 for items valued over €150) for BPost customs formalities cost (e.g. €124), VAT is then applied at 21%; our worked example is 21% of €124 = €26.04 charge by BPost. 

In line with the implementation of the European legislation from 01 Jul, BPost will apply the above charging mechanism to ALL items regardless of cost, this will include items ordered before 01 Jul but not delivered until after.  There is no provision for a reimbursement of VAT charges.

FAQ can be found here.

The new secure payment option now allows customers to find out about, and pay, import charges (and VAT) for parcels received from outside the EU in advance, payment on delivery ceased on 7 Jun.  No charges will be put on purchases where the VAT was paid at the point of sale.  If required then the following will happen:

1)            You will receive a message from Bpost via the app, text, email or a letter,

2)            You will be directed to the Track & Trace page where you can pay,

3)            Once paid, your shipment will go to customs,

4)            Once it clears customs, it will be delivered to you.

BPost are advising customers to use ‘registered webshops’ rather than unregistered.  Non-European online shops can register with the EU to enable the payment of VAT and import costs in advance and can be spotted by the website giving a separate mention of VAT at the time of purchase as seen here.

As it currently stands there are no charges being applied to letters/packages sent through BFPO mail (but don’t forget all mail requires a customs label or it will be returned by BFPO).  I have passed up the information on the changes from 01 Jul and have been informed that there is no expectations for the BFPO mail to be affected, the system in place is covered under the SOFA agreement.

Debs / Mrs F

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