A digital key allows residents holding a Protocol ID (without eID or ‘Itsme’ logon) to access the HN government eHealth site on the Covidsafe.be app. To use this key you need to be identified and obtain an activation code.  The current process to do this is shown below, once activated you will be able to use the COVIDSafe.be app or eHealth login to find the status of any COVID tests and/or recovery certificates that have been done by the HN (tests undertaken on SHAPE will not be shown) i.e. travel tests taken in Soignies/Brussels airport etc:

Issue / ActionPOC
Obtain Activation codeLa Louviere ONLY: Complete the attached form and send to accueil@lalouviere.be for each person needing the activation of a Digital Key (you need a different email address per person).

You can request an appointment on the same email however Commune La Louviere currently require no advance appointment. Place Communale 1, 7100 +32 65 277 811. Hours of operation without an appointment – 08.30-12.00 and 13.30-15.30. Take your National number, protocol ID and passport with you to the appointment. After you are identified, an activation code will be issued to you on paper and an activation link will be sent to your personal email. Children can be added to a parent’s key. 
Other Option: ·       Visit or contact your nearest local registration office with your National registration number, protocol ID and passport.· List of offices at this link: https://dt.bosa.be/sites/default/files/content/2021_07_registration_offices.pdf ). ·       
After you are identified, an activation code will be issued to you on paper and an activation link will be sent to your personal email.
Activate your digital key:In your personal mailbox, open the email entitled “CSAM – My Digital Keys: Activation“. Follow the attached guidance on how to activate the digital key.Activation Guide
Download COVIDsafe.be on a smartphoneYou will log on with eHealth once you have activated your Digital Key.  No Smartphone?? You can also use a laptop/computer to complete STEP 4 and access ‘my digital key’ using the activation link.  Copy the link in your email and paste into your internet browser.     HNLO

Once you have activated your Digital Keys and can access eHealth and the COVIDSafe.be App you will also be able to see your Vaccination status IF you have received a Belgium vaccination (through the SHAPE vaccination programme or at a Belgium Vaccination centre), if you have received an NHS vaccination work is ongoing to get the details loaded onto the Vaccinet system.  To prepare for the certificates to be uploaded you will need to complete the following:

Ask Med centre to send your vaccination info to the national system.Note:  There is currently no set timeline for the vaccinations to be uploaded onto Vaccinet.  We are awaiting SHAPE J1 confirmation on the upload date.EMailUKStratCom-DMS-DPHC-MON-Grp@mod.gov.uk: A.     Name.B.     Belgian National Registration Number (11 digits. You may have received Nat number from NSE or can obtain from the commune, federal police or Belgian tax paperwork). BIS code also accepted.C.     Belgian Postcode.D.     Consent. specify consent for UK med staff to pass vaccine information and your personal details above to the Belgian national system. For information about how we process your data you can see the Defence Primary Healthcare Privacy Notice Med Centre Reception x 5824 for Vaccination information HNLO for National Number queries

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