The Consultative Committee met on 26 Oct and have decreed that the following changes are to be brought into effect:

  • Covid Safe Ticket (CST).  With effect 01 Nov the use of the Covid Safe Ticket will be standardised across Belgium from 01 Nov 21.  In order to meet that ruling SHAPE have enacted the use of the CST within the MWB activities, details of which can be found at Tile 1.  All personnel are to ensure that they have a valid ID card as well as one of the following when visiting the departments listed:
    • Vaccination Status
    • Negative Test
    • Recovery Certificate
  • A return to masks indoors from Friday 29 October.  Masks will be required in shops, shopping centres, healthcare institutions, concert halls, sports centres, libraries and places of worship. Catering staff are to revert to wearing a mask again. 
  • Teleworking where possible: The committee strongly recommended returning to teleworking, where possible.