In response to EJSU Direction on COVID-19 Winter Measures.

We kindly ask that all service personnel and their dependants help the NSE maintain the rules and guidance, by adhering to the simple steps below: 

People are to attend the NSE on appointment only basis. One person per appointment. Appointments are to be made in advance by contacting the NSE. Ensure individuals wear a mask until seated. The seat will be 1.5 m away to maintain social distancing.     

Please enter the NSE through the NSE door (the right side of the 2 houses) and not the community door (Left side). This allows us to maintain the one-person rule using a one-way system.   If you arrive and there is someone waiting, please adhere to the social distancing guidelines and wait outside until called in. When arriving we ask that people wash their hands in the toilet to the right of the front door.  During the appointment we ask that you maintain social distancing measures. 

Leaving the NSE will be via the community door (left side of the 2 houses).  On leaving the building, please sanitise your hands using Hand Gel to the right of the community door.