Some of you may have already seen the news stating that the Belgian Federal Police have embarked on a campaign to protest against their low wages.  Unable to go on strike, they will protest by ‘going by the book’ or by temporarily blocking strategic access roads. This can have an impact in several very direct ways:

  • When travelling by car people might end up in a traffic jam created by the Police, they are likely to target key nodes such as the access to airports, strategic roundabouts or the Brussels’ Ring.
  • People might be pulled over for a complete vehicle check (make sure you have all your documents with you).
  • People might face delays when travelling by air, due to ‘by the book travel document checks’.  Most likely when travelling outside of the Schengen Zone, but useful to be aware and check the Brussels Airport Website beforehand (  

For travelling in Belgium by car or motorcycle – please check the website for the current traffic status.

These protests have a possibility to go on for a while so please be prepared, ensure you have your vehicle documents and that they are all in date; have your residency supporting documentation with you at all times; those who have started the vehicle registration process, but yet to receive plates, ensure you have the copy you were issued as proof of applying for registration; those who have yet to apply for vehicle registration, and might be coming to, or have passed, the end of the 3 month grace, it may be advisable to get the registration started sooner rather than later. 

Questions on vehicle registration should be directed SHIPPS, further information can be found on the SHAPE2DAY | Vehicles.