When moving between borders with MOD equipment you must have an MOD Carriage of Authority.

If you do not currently hold one then please apply through the link below (MODNET Only) and one can be issued.

ATC Requests

Important info to note

Laptops must be carried as hand luggage; and are not to be checked in as hold luggage.

Upon request by a UK customs official, the User must produce an Authority for Carriage Letter.

Should a UK customs officer at port of entry declare a requirement to scan the device, then the User must follow the instructions in the Authority for Carriage Letter and request that the matter be referred to an appropriately cleared investigating officer.

If a foreign customs, airport or port official makes an inquiry into information held on a End User Device (EUD), Users must show the Authority of Carriage Letter.

If the official requires verification that the laptop is what it seems, Users are permitted to demonstrate it in operation by powering on the laptop and opening a web browser. Users must ensure that no sensitive information is seen by the official

If the official attempts to remove the laptop from the control of the user, the user must inform the official that security restrictions require that the laptop be shut down before being handed over.

Any instance of the laptop being removed from the control of the user, regardless of its operational state, must be reported to the nearest British Embassy, Consulate or Government official and the users Local Security Officer (LSO) immediately.