A message from Wg Cdr Cooper:

Sirs, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been informed that my proposed Brit ‘adventure’ which will encompass cities in Germany and Czechia has been approved so I am giving you all advance notice of what is proposed prior to more formal staffing early in 2022.

The intent is to undertake a self-drive multi-city trip over a period of 6 days in late Jul 22.  The trip will attract SAF subsidy and the scope is for up to 25 families to participate in this adventure.  Should families require more than one room in a hotel then the maximum number of families could be reduced. 

The schedule will broadly reflect the following:

Thu 21 Jul            Overnight Nuremberg Germany                Hotel: Seminaris  (formerly a Hilton Hotel)

Fri 22 Jul              Overnight Prague Czechia                            Hotel: Occidental / Hilton / Holiday Inn (tbc)

Sat 23 Jul             Overnight Prague Czechia                            Hotel: Occidental /Hilton / Holiday Inn (tbc)

Sun 24 Jul            Overnight Dresden Germany                      Hotel: Indigo

Mon 25 Jul          Overnight Bamberg Germany                     Hotel: Welcome Hotel Residenz Schloss

provisional cost for 2 adults would be around 650 euro which, with a 50% subsidy, would then be reduced to 325 euro.  This would be based on a bed and breakfast Tariff.

I want you all to understand that I am doing this for the community and only do this because of the unique situation that we see in Ramstein.  I have visited all of these places before so can vouch for their attractiveness but have no overriding necessity to re-visit them.  This is likely to be a challenging task so if anyone would like to volunteer to help me then that would be appreciated.


Day One:  Travel to Nuremberg.

Visit Rothenberg ob der Tauber en route (sensational).  If you have children then you may want to visit Playmobil Land on the outskirts of Nuremberg.  Visit Nuremberg’s Aldstadt; superbly restored.  Visit Albrecht Durer’s House.  Visit Nuremberg Castle – you would never know that the RAF visited it some 80 years ago…  Finally, there are the **** Party Rally Grounds; if nothing else a reminder from history…

Day Two: Travel to Prague.  Days two & three:

You have driven a reasonable distance…take a break!  The likeliest hotel will be the Occidental in Praha 5.  Though a few km from the centre, it is really easy to find with a tube station nearby.  Visit the impressive Altstadt: the Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, untouched by wars.  Then there is Prague Castle; imposing and worth a look.  Eat at the famous ‘railway’ restaurant (a train will bring your food and drink – very good for kids).  Book a beer tasting in the Altstadt…  Finally, eat at the Botanic Restaurant; a stone’s throw from the Occidental.  Exceptional food at a very modest price and amazing ambience.

Day Four:  Travel to Dresden.

Visit the Zwinger.  Art Nouveau architecture.  Rebuilt Frauenkirche.  Visit the ‘Green Vault’.  There is almost too much culture on offer!  Though the Altstadt was totally destroyed in WWII, Dresden has been thoughtfully restored – a must. 

Day Five: Travel to Bamberg.

Why not take in Colditz Castle?  One hr west of Dresden and famous from WWII.  If nostalgic Germany appeals to you then visit the Lauscha Factory Store (Christmas Decorations) en route to Bamberg.  Once in Bamberg, you will find yourself in the excellent Residenz Hotel overlooking the town.  Visit the exceptionally beautiful AltStadt (once again, untouched by war).  Make the most of the vibrant city life.  Bamberg is basically Rothenberg but on a larger scale…

Day Six: Travel to Ramstein.

Why not take in Wurzburg en route?  It has an impressive fortress and numerous good restaurants.   

This email is sent to whet your appetites.  I would not venture this schedule unless I thought it to be out of the ordinary without breaking the bank…  We should all have amazing memories to take from Ramstein.. 

Expect a follow up email in Jan 22.