Cdr GSO has authorised the following amendment to travelling time detailed in SO 1021. The amendment comes into effect from 10 Jan 22, therefore it cannot be back dated for previous leave periods. Additionally, use of travel time cannot be used as a reason for an SP not using all of their annual leave entitlement, or as justification for carry over of leave at the end of the leave year.

I have updated the Standing Order to reflect the authorised amendment. However, PSB the specific authorised amendment. Please can you disseminate amongst your supported personnel:

Travel time credit of leave. In order to compensate those SP who spend a significant amount of time travelling when proceeding on leave a re-credit of leave may be granted to SP. Travel time will be permitted under the following conditions:

a. The journey is to a registered address (NOK, parents or privately maintained home), or booked accommodation if using Respite.

b. The leave period must be for a minimum of five working days (not including any days to be credited).

c. The journey must be beyond the borders of the country of assignment.

d. In any period of leave, no more than one day will be credited to leave accounts for SP stationed within NEW, and two days for SP stationed outside of NWE.

e. Travel time claims will be limited to a maximum of three per year for each SP. Whilst not restricted to specific periods, this is designed to compensate for travel for normally recognised block leave periods (Easter, Summer, and Christmas).

f. The policy applies to SP only.

Leave is to be applied for as normal via JPA; on return from leave SP should request to their NSE to re-credit their JPA leave balance with the appropriate permitted travel time. If the request for travel time is in connection with Respite Provision, confirmation of the accommodation booking will need to be supplied to the NSE.