EJSU has a model used by all CLOs in all their European locations. CLOs are principally required to integrate new arrivals into the community and to encourage a happy community through the facilitation of community led events, groups and clubs.

Within COVID constraints, CLOs will assist and support with promoting community led events, groups and clubs through BII (facebook page) and the JFCNP Defence Connect page. They will book space/facilities for community owned ideas to come to life. The CLOs will help the community get events, groups and clubs off the ground and will do all they can to support the lead organizer in taking them forward. The CLO’s under the EJSU tag line “Integrate, Coordinate and Communicate” are ready to support you. 

Please do not contact the CLOs directly on their personal devices. Use their formal email addresses: CLO Arrivals: Annette.falinski100@mod.gov.uk CLO Event (TBC). They can also be contacted through the Britannia in Italy Facebook page with their profile CLO Naples.