All RAF Personnel – the AMPBT will visit Naples to deliver their briefing on 5 Jul 22.

The AMPBT conducts visits to units in order to deliver key Personnel/Training messages within the wider context of defence and change. Secondly, it seeks feedback from attendees in order to inform AMP&C and Key Stakeholders/SMEs of developing trends and ground-swell opinions. The Team maintains situational awareness of Single and Tri Service matters and plans to engage in internal and external collation and analysis of feedback in order to provide robust, reliable evidence and coherency to support and underpin the RAF Strategy and Astra.

In order to embrace the Whole Force Approach, the remit of the Team has been expanded in order to capture the Air Reserve Component, CS and Contractors. Therefore the following personnel are within scope:

–           RAF Regular and FTRS Serving Personnel.

–           RAuxAF Squadrons.

–           Diaspora (Home Plate and Overseas).

–           Integral members within the Whole Force Approach (CS, Contractors etc at unit discretion).

The AMPBT will focus on the following Delivery Streams, not exhaustive at this stage and in no particular order of importance or prioritisation:

–           Key Headlines & Announcements

–           RAF Command Plan/RAF Strategy

–           ASTRA (will include the new Professions and Future Working)

–           Whole Force Manning including RAF Recruitment and Retention

–           FAM Update

–           Feeling Valued – the ‘Lived Experience’ (including Community/Welfare Support and AF Covenant)

– Questions/Feedback

Further details of timings and location will be provided in due course. For now please make a note of the date (5 Jul 22).