Lt Robert Garthland RN one of the Royal Navy’s Learning & Development officers will be here 26 – 29 April 22.  While he is here he will deliver;

  • A comprehensive brief on everything L&D related including education for promotion, funding, resettlement, and other professional and personal opportunities.
  • Coaching Workshop 2 – 1.5/2hr workshop designed to equip personnel with the basic skills of a coach to help develop themselves and others (great CLM tool – and ticks the JPA competency).
  • Functional Skills Exams (books and support can be supplied prior to the visit).
  • 1-2-1 Interviews – 15-30 minute slots for individuals to talk to me about everything and anything they wish (e.g. funding, qualifications, service transfer, resettlement advice, 1-2-1 performance coaching etc.)