A message from Sqn Ldr Steve O’Neill

Dear GBR Community,

At a Town Hall meeting on 11 November, I received approval to advertise and run the Oberammergau Passion Play as a Community event.

The Passion Play at Oberammergau happens once every 10 years, and 2022 will be the 42nd iteration in a piece of history dating back to 1663. Only two World Wars and COVID have stopped the performances in that time. It is a unique World heritage event and one that may interest you, whether religious or not. The reason it began was in thanksgiving for the ravages of the Black Death having largely passed by the villages of Unterammergau and Oberammergau. Only people from those two villages are allowed to perform. If you go to Oberammergau now you will notice that the postman, baker and local hoteliers all resemble biblical characters as they prepare for their parts in the performance. Being chosen to participate is regarded as a huge lifetime honour amongst the villagers.

This event is not dissimilar to the way we organised discounted events during the height of COVID, where individuals and families could go to an attraction or park, keep the receipts and claim 50% back through SAF. The reason we will not be able to attend together on one date is as follows:

  1. Given World-wide demand for tickets and in particular accommodation, the Passion Play Box office only allows up to 6 tickets to be bought per individual making the booking.
  2. The event takes place 5 times a week from 14 May to 2 October 2022, so lots of scope for everyone to take advantage of this unique event, at a time that suits you.

There are 6 tiers of ticket prices. Tiers 4 to 6 are so far away from the stage you might as well be in the next village. Tier 1 tickets are 180E, Tier 2, 150 and tier 3, 120, all tiers attract a 12% booking fee.

SAF has agreed to fund 50% of a tier 2 or 3 ticket plus booking fee, and 50% of accommodation costs for one night up to 100 euros for a 2 plus 2 family and 50 euros for a singlie. Please note that the performance is unlikely to be suitable for young children, primarily because it is a 5-hour performance with a 3-hour break to take a meal break.

If you are interested in this event please visit the website. https://www.passionplay2022.de/

Finally, if you decide it is for you, please do not book anything without coming through me, Sqn Ldr Steve O’Neill first as the ProjO; otherwise you risk not obtaining a SAF refund.