Historically (up until the closure of HQ BFG and the BFG Test Centres), mandatory private vehicle emissions tests (in Germany since 1985, UK since 1996) for Force registered vehicles were an integral part of the BFG Roadworthiness Test. Some may remember the emissions printout attached to a BFG test pass certificate/Form 73.

Current situation:

Recently, I asked the GSO(G) VLO staff to ensure that the NSE’s were providing proof of passing the emissions test on initial or renewal registration applications, after an internal audit identified that some copies of the ‘TÜV’ reports were missing the additional required information.

The emissions test is a Host Nation mandatory requirement for driving on German roads. Not providing proof of an emissions test pass, will result in the application being rejected. Please inform your customers when challenged, that this is not a new regulation. https://www.tuev-nord.de/en/private/traffic/car-motorcycle-caravan/exhaust-gas-tests/

The FSI(G) and FSO(G) 1001 will be amended in due course to reflect this.