The JFCNP webpage has been updated with the latest COVID-19 regulations.

A summary of the Italian decrees/ordinances relevant provisions/requirements can be found at

Please read in full. Substantial changes have occurred in the entire document.

Of note:

  • As of 01 MAR 2022, Campania Region is WHITE Area (IT regions COVID assessment: WHITE: 6; YELLOW: 14;  ORANGE: 0; RED: 0).
  • The revision of the document has been quite extensive, mainly due to the fact that the rules for international travel have been very much simplified (there are no more A to E lists of countries).  A basic green pass will suffice to enter the Italian territory, or, lacking that, 5 days self-isolation and a follow-up swab test.
  • There are not many differences left between white, yellow and orange areas.
  • Use of masks outdoor is still mandatory in urban centers and in any occasion where one is not sure to be able to maintain the interpersonal distance.