Unfortunately, my efforts to get a local tailor to accept the job of tailoring ribbon to our No1’s/Service Dress has failed. Therefore, the EJSU RQ has managed to get an Army Master Tailor in London to take on the job.

To that end EJSU J4 will visit Naples on 2 May 22 and take Jackets back to SHAPE, before they are moved onward to London. It is hoped to have the Jackets back to Naples by the end of May 22.

Those who wish to use this option, including those with warm weather uniform, should take them to the BFPO Office (Cpl Ale) who will register your jacket before packaging it for collection. It must be with the BFPO by COP 3 May 22. Before you pass it in, please ensure that you mark your Jacket clearly with your name, rank and number. You should be able to do this in pen on the tag inside the uniform but for fail safe reasons please place the same detail in the bottom left hand (when wearing it) pocket. Please also remove any attachments you may have on the uniform (belts etc).

The actual medals have still not yet been received. Miniature medals have been procured by the RQ and if you would like to purchase one and have it court mounted, at the same time as your uniform is tailored, with other miniature medals this can be arranged. Once again, package your current medals with your service details and pass them to the BFPO along with your uniform.

Whilst the tailoring to uniform is at public expense. Court mounting of medals is not. A bill for the court mounting will be provided for those taking up the option and payments will be made directly to the tailor. Details of how to pay will follow.