With the summer now well upon us, we are both pleased and excited to invite the North Belgium community to the annual SHAPEFEST event, on behalf of our colleagues and friends at SHAPE, Mons, South Belgium

Many of our community are likely to have attended this fun day whilst deployed at SHAPE previously, or even from here such is the fun this great event provides.

EJSU SHAPE invests in this community activity and with the now joined up approach for North and South Belgium; this event is now fully open to those who can access the SHAPE location.

SHAPEFEST includes some wonderful attractions including: Crafts, Stalls, Street food, Games, Car Show Vendors, live music and much more

Access to SHAPEFEST as follows:

  • Sponsorship of guests by specific members of SHAPE (AMIS card holders)
  • HQ NATO ID card holders do not need sponsors, children under 12 do not need a pass.

The sponsor form is attached and the posters are on the Shape2day site and attached also in this communication

If you need more information contact the International Police (contact details are on the Shape2day site) or contact the group mailbox: ejsu-nse-communityhubmailbox@mod.gov.uk

We hope as many of our community can join our South Belgium friends and attend the SHAPEFEST event