You may be aware that there is a small US housing area outside of the Luxembourg Gate. The housing area has a small playground that has found itself at the center of litigation between a HN neighbor and the US community. The parties have reached an agreement whereby the playground can re-open (it has been closed for some time while the issues were addressed by HN officials).

Given the proximity to the one of our housing areas, there are a lot of British families who may use the playground. As such, we have been requested to make our community aware of the recent changes that were implemented to be in compliance with HN decisions:

-the playground re-opened yesterday, 11 Aug

-new opening hours were introduced – 0800-2000, daily

-only a portion of the playground is open. It will be obvious to the patrons which portion is open. We ask that families only play on that area.

-we have asked the community to police themselves. By that I mean, if someone is utilizing the playground outside of the posted hours, please let them know they should not be in the area.

-if a patron has an issue with a neighbor, please inform the International Military Police at 065 44 3333 or 3334. The IMP will dispatch the Belgian Federal Police to address the issue.

If there are any questions from the community, please contact the SHAPE PM and he will put you in touch with the appropriate official.

Russell “Russ” Smith

Provost Marshal

T +32 (0) 65 443343