Defence and the Services are taking decisive steps to keep our people and the public safe, by introducing new policies and measures to tackle unacceptable sexual behaviour. While most personnel act professionally and uphold Defence’s high standards and strong values, reports show that unfortunately some behave in ways that are not acceptable. 

It is your responsibility to CHALLENGE and REPORT unacceptable behaviour.

Everyone, in every position and rank, should behave in a professional and respectful way, and play an active role to stamp out unacceptable sexual behaviour.

As part of Defence’s commitment to crack down on all unacceptable sexual behaviour, three new measures have launched to provide clearer direction to prevent and address incidents. These are the:

  1. Zero Tolerance to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) Policy (JSP 769)
  2. Zero Tolerance to Unacceptable Sexual Behaviour: A Victim/Survivor Focused Approach Policy
  3. Tackling Sexual Offending in Defence Strategy

These policies will ensure that Defence continues to be a place where people are proud to work and have faith in their justice system.

Further information can be found here: LINK

Downloadable guide for leaders – briefing on Unacceptable Behaviours can be found here: LINK