CENTRAL EUROPEAN PRACTICE (CEP) – European Joint Support Unit (ejsu.net) under Financial claims has been updated with the following information on Medical claims and invoices.  

The Fin07 form for JPA Claims has been updated and can be found at the following link DPHC-FIN07-Form.ods (live.com) I have also attached the form to this email.

Methods of Payment for Healthcare

Access to clinical care across Europe & Turkey will carry a cost at various stages and settling bills for healthcare will differ in each location.  There are various payment methods for consideration such as a ‘guarantee of  payment’ issued to the healthcare provider by One (HMG) HEALIX, cashless billing (certain locations only), submitting an Invoice for payment from the provider to the CEP, or simply paying for care upfront and claiming a refund on the military JPA system.

Primary Care

Primary Care may be viewed as day-to-day healthcare given by a Doctor/Nurse to get treatment or advice for your condition, to receive a prescription for medication or to undergo immunisations, routine optical or audiometry screening or using laboratory services such as getting a blood test.  Bills stemming from Primary Care will be processed by the CEP.  You may either pay upfront and submit your receipt as proof of payment to the CEP, or you may submit an Invoice from the provider to the CEP for processing.   

Secondary Care

Your primary Doctor may consider an onwards referral to Secondary Care.  Secondary Care may be viewed as attending Hospital for further screening services such as an Ultrasound, X-ray, MRI scan, Physiotherapy, or for a specialist opinion from a Consultant, which may lead to surgery.  In the very first instance you must contact One (HMG) HEALIX in order to gain financial approval prior to going ahead with Secondary Care services.  One (HMG) HEALIX will take action and work closely with the CEP to ensure that the most appropriate clinical path is followed going forward.  One (HMG) HEALIX will provide a ‘guarantee of payment’ to the provider in most scenarios.  Alternatively, in exceptional circumstances, the cost may have to be settled by the CEP.  It is vital that submitting invoices to the CEP is not delayed as this may incur additional costings.

JPA Claims

In some instances you may be expected to settle a bill for healthcare or medication upfront.  You must ask for a receipt as proof of your payment.  Service Personnel (SP) must complete FIN07 Form for both their own healthcare or for that of their dependants, (electronic signature accepted) and submit the completed form along with the proof of payment to the CEP.  The CEP will issue an unique JPA authorisation code & appropriate UIN to claim a refund against.

For all correspondence regarding the settling of payments or for claiming JPA refunds, the following mailbox should be contacted:  UKStratCom-DMS-DPHC-EJSU-Fin@mod.gov.uk

Please note:  All JPA claims for reimbursement are to be submitted within 90 days of the period concerned, or the date on which the expenditure was incurred, as directed in JSP 752.