Brit Community,

This is a re-distribution to provide you with information on what we have in the sports store and how to book and collect it.

Additionally, please follow this LINK of the QR Code below if you would like to suggest any new items for us to purchase that is not included in the list below.

Equipment booking/Collection.

Some guidelines to follow:

  • For your booking, please include the collection and return dates in your request.
  • Treat all equipment with respect and report any defects on return.
  • Ensure the items are cleaned and returned in good order for the next user.
  • Do not hold equipment for longer than booked as others may have it after you.

Procedures for booking:

  • Email your request to and await booking confirmation.
  • On collection, report to the NSE and sign out key bunches 1 & 2.
  • Collect kit from Building 2480 opposite the Brit Bar and sign the sign out sheet hung in the store.
  • Lock both doors and return the keys to the NSE.
  • The same process applies for kit return.
DetailsQuantity HeldComments
Water sports  
Stand-up Paddle Board – Aquamarina Fusion Inflatable, orange2 
Stand-up Paddle Board – Bluefin Cruise1 
Stand-up Paddle Board – FireFly ISUP 50051 U/S
Kayak – Aquamarina Unisex 2 Posti Steam 4121 
Kayak – Aquamarina set of 2 x 2-person Betta 4121U/S
Buoyancy aid – PI-PE, green, small2 
Buoyancy aid – PI-PE, red, medium2 
Buoyancy aid – PI-PE, white, large2 
Buoyancy aid – PI-PE, blue, XL2 
Buoyancy aid – Gogokids, red, medium2 
Buoyancy aid – Gogokids, white, large2 
Buoyancy aid – Gogokids, blue, XL2 
Pump – Glory Board Premium SUP2 
Paddles – Aquarmarina Paddle Beach2 
Mens Clubs2 Sets 
Womens Golf Clubs2 Sets 
Childrens Golf Clubs2 Sets 
Tents – Hayling 6 Air Family Tent (including Ground sheet and Carpet)2 
Tent TeePee Easy Up Tent1 
Vango Tents (approx 2-4 people)2 
Coleman Tent (6-person)1 
Vaude Tents3 
Vango Sleeping Bags6 
Cocoon Travel Sheets5 
Outdoor Designs Waterproof Sleeping Bag Covers4 
Waterproof Sleeping Bag Covers7 
Cocoon Micro Fleece Liner, light weight6 
Ortlieb Waterproof Dry Bags7 
Climbing/Alpine Mountaineering  
Climbing Shoes3 pairs 
Walking Poles5 
Lowe Alpine 70L Sacks6 
Head Torches6 
Water Bladders4 
Waterproof Trousers3 pairs 
Waterproof Jackets3 
Ice Axe3 
Transceiver sets (snow shovel & Probe)2 sets 
Crampons (alpine and ski boots compatible)3 Pairs 
Cricket set  
Sets of pads4 
Abdominal Cups3 
Wicket Keeper Gloves1 pair 
Batsmen Gloves3 pairs 
Batsmen Gloves3 
Stumps & Bails2 sets 
Cricket Bag (Hunts County)1 
Clubs & Bags4 sets 
Rugby Set  
Adidas T-Shirts4 
Balls – size 38 
Balls – size 417 
Balls – size 54 
Reversible Bibs – set of 151 
Reversible Bibs – set of 151 
Balls – Fluoro size 47 
Ball Carrier1 
Tag Rugby Bags/Sets2