The Belgian COVID-19 Autumn vaccination campaign started on 12 September 2022. Certain sectors and immunodeficient people are being vaccinated first and then an age-based logic will be applied until the age of 18. This campaign is including the new (EMA approved) bivalent mRNA vaccines against Omicron!

Those with a National Number (NISS or BIS) check your post boxes for an invite. 

NOTE:  A NISS will only have been issued if you have received a Protocol ID card. Those with a Protocol ID but have not yet requested their NISS can do so through the for the HNLO to assist, you will need to provide the HNLO with your address and DOB (for each eligible family member).  Those without a NISS or BIS can visit the SOIGNIES Centre (details on the AUM) after 19 Sep.

If you undertake a vaccination through the HN you can provide the details to the Medical Centre (proof batch number, Expiry date, brand of vaccine will all be required) by:

·        Sending the details via email to

·        Drop the information off at the Medical Centre reception.

·        Pass the information via eConsult.

Assuming the vaccination is one of the UK delivered JCVI approved COVID-19 vaccine then they will be able to add it to the system and onto NHS app/ Pinnacle. Further information on this process should be directed to the Medical Centre.

Those who have a NISS/BIS, and have activated their Digital Key will be able to view their vaccination status using the APP.  Further information on COVID testing and vaccinations can be found at SHAPE & BRUSSELS – European Joint Support Unit (