Dear Community a message from the Dental Centre:

For any Dental Emergencies please follow Out of Hour Care –UZ Leuven is available from 0800-1230 & 1330-1630 on Tel: 016 33 24 55 or during their out of hours: 016 33 22 11. 

There is also care available at Cabinet Dentaire De Mons” Rue des Viaducs, 145, 7020 NIMY Tél: 065/318148 OU – Option 1*. Available from 0900-1800 Monday to Saturday.

The care should only be for relief of pain and no follow up appointment. You may need to pay for your emergency treatment. Please retain all receipts and contact the dental centre for reimbursement and to complete the treatment.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Sam Lawati