SO3 Notifying Authority Cas/Comp will be hosting CNO+ Trg in the GSO Conf Rm Bldg 309, SHAPE on the following dates:

13 Apr 23

01 Jun 23

Capacity exists to train 20 delegates per date.

Training will commence at 0845hrs prompt and will conclude at approx 1700hrs.


An opportunity has arisen to be able to deliver CNO+ training at SHAPE for GSO/SHAPE/BXL/FRANCE personnel on the above dates. 

The training offers comprehensive CNO/VO awareness in the form of CNO+.  CNO+ has been designed for the overseas space.  CNO+ can only be delivered in person, due to the soft skill demands.  Moreover, qualification from F2F training lasts for 4 years and is a JPA competency.  

Delegates who qualify will be able to undertake either CNO or interim VO duties thus offering NSE’s and HQ EJSU more flexibility in their ability to deliver mandated and essential support in the event of an unforeseen incident.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria is as follows:

Experience. The single most important consideration is that the CNO must have the experience, sensitivity and maturity to cope with the unpredictable nature of a grieving family, without either becoming too involved or appearing unsympathetic. This is not necessarily related to age, but from experience, the younger they are, the harder they may find it to cope?

Rank. CNO’s should ideally be OF2-OF4 or experienced OR7-OR9; (OF4/5’s also welcome). Asst CNOs/EO OR5-OR6 or by exception OR4.

Exclusions. UWO’s and Padres should not be appointed as CNO’s as this may prevent them from assisting the family with the interim VO at a later time/date.

Personal Circumstances. Individuals suffering from a recent personal trauma or stress are not suitable to be appointed as a CNO and should not attend CNO training at this time. Typical examples of unsuitable situations are: personal bereavement within the last 6-12 months, very serious illness within their family, marital breakdown, relationship issues in general or operationally deployed dependants (spouse/partner/dependants).

Bids will be accepted on first come first serve basis, if the training is oversubscribed, a reserve list will be held. Likewise if courses are undersubscribed, delegates will be offered the next available training date.

Closing dates for each course are as follows:

Course Trg Date    Closing Date

13 Apr 23                06 Apr 23

01 Jun 23 25 May 23

JI’s are ordinarily sent out the week prior to the course.

Please direct any questions to the undersigned.

Kind regards

Rachael Lewis – SO3 Notifying Authority Cas/Comp

J1, Global Support Organisation, SHAPE, BFPO 26 

SKYPE +44 300 1612280 Mil: 9205 423 7316

Mob: + 32 4716 116 70  Working Hours Only (EDFO silent hours +32 4799 11075)

Email: Rachael.Lewis379@mod.gov.uk