The next SHAPE Town Hall (TH) will take place at the SHAPE Chapel between 1200-1300 hrs on Mon 6 Mar 23 for all SP, UKBC’s and family members who wish to attend.  This will be an informal TH with a Freshers feel and tea/coffee available where you can meet various key personnel from with the British Section and the wider SHAPE community.

To aid us in the planning please indicate whether you will be attending here. (this will need to be the new link as above)

Community members are encouraged to send in any questions you may have through the ‘Ask the SNR’ facility on EJSU.Net (or on the attendance sheet) on any community, family or overseas service related subjects prior to the TH to enable the answers to prepped in advance.  Time will be available for questions and to chat with the wider SHAPE community support groups at the end of the TH.