ritish Community,

Thank you to all who facilitated and attended the British Community International Women’s Day event on 7 Mar, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and well attended. Following the success of this event, we will endeavor to arrange a series of events over the coming year which will seek to build a stronger women’s network, contribute to strengthening an inclusive British Community and engage with our International colleagues. Some of these events will be tailored specifically for women or other focused groups, but across the year we will aim to make an inclusive programme. We already have some ideas from those who attended on 7 Mar, but if you have any ideas for such events or want to organize something then please get in touch through GSO-EJSU-Belgium-CommunityHub@mod.gov.uk

The first event is scheduled for 18 Apr 1300-1430 in the EJSU Conference Room. This is a Women’s Forum aimed at British military women working at SHAPE and British CS employed at SHAPE. The NMR has specifically asked for this event as he is keen to facilitate a discussion on the differences that working in a multinational environment brings; the good, the bad and the ugly. It will allow him to build a picture of the baseline across different areas, while also facilitating a sharing of ideas on how individuals have coped with any challenges presented. Individuals will be encouraged to speak freely and candidly for this forum to have the most utility.

I look forward to seeing you on the day



Sarah C Moorehead OBE| Gp Capt RAF