As you may have heard, SHAPE are actively seeking to bring an opportunity for a children’s summer camp here in Belgium.  Planning is underway but in order to go firm, on whether the cost versus the demand makes it a viable venture, we pushed out an ‘expression of interest’ for families to sign up to.   This is open to children of SP, UKBCs, UKBTs and SSAFA contracted personnel both at post and those in boarding schools aged between 5-17 years old.

Currently only 44 families have signed up to express their interest which equals 75 children in total, (out of 266 children registered with the NSE), however, the spaces available are for 64 children per week. In order that we can secure the funding for both weeks will need to confirm by 12 Apr therefore, on current expression of interest, we may have to reduce the number of spaces per week.

The deadline for completion of the form was 31 Mar 2023, I have now extended that to 11 Apr 23, after that date the final decision will be made as to whether the camp will run and, if we have sufficient numbers, what the format and ages will look like.

Completing the expression of interest does not guarantee a space on the camp, it is purely to ascertain the demand, and give us an indication of numbers and ages for those children interested in attending one of the two weeks.  NOTE – the dates for the camp will be 17 -21 Jul and 24 – 28 Jul ONLY – the week from 31 Jul will be at BRUNSSUM and not SHAPE please do not select that week. 

We fully understand that many of you may not have yet firmed up your summer plans but as this is only an expression of interest, and you are not beholden to the spaces you may have expressed an interest in, I am pushing this out again in the hope that more families might sign up (please do not sign up if you have already done so or if you know you are not going to be here for either week).