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Application to Occupy SLA or SFA

Please complete both Part 1 & 2 in order to apply to occupy Service Family Accomodation (SFA):

Application to Occupy SFA – PART 2: HOUSING REQUIREMENTS

Please read the following for information and assistance when completing the forms:

Guidance notes for the completion of the SFA Application Form (MOD FORM 1132)
  1. All sections of the form must be completed in black ink and in block capitals. Please complete legibly and with as much detail as possible.
  • The completion of all sections of the form is mandatory. Without the information requested it will not be possible for your Housing Provider to process the application. This may result in the form being returned to the applicant and a subsequent delay in allocating you SFA. Chaplains, Civil Servants and Civilians where entitled/eligible should provide military equivalent rank to ensure allocation of SFA to the appropriate entitlement.
  • Personnel filling “In Command” appointments may be provided with SFA which is ex-officio / tied to the particular appointment. The entitlement will be deemed to exist if the applicant exercises Commanding Officers Powers of Punishment as defined within the Armed Forces Act 2006. In cases of doubt, the appropriate Housing Colonel will arbitrate.
  • The number of people expecting to live in a property could influence the SFA to which you are entitled. All dependent children living with you (including those at boarding school) and for whom you and/or your spouse/civil partner have legal custody and you can demonstrate that you are legally the prime mover should be entered. Live in nannies for children / and au pairs who have been the subject of specific approval should be included. Expected date of birth for baby(ies) due should also be entered on the form. Single Service personnel approved for adoption will be entitled to occupy SFA from the date of approval given the need to establish a home prior to any child being placed with the adoptive parent. See JSP 464 Chapter 1 for detailed regulations.
  • Your assignment information is stated on your Assignment Order.
  • There is no entitlement to SFA prior to the date of assignment (unless vacating tied/ex-officio SFA or posted in to UK from overseas or from UK to overseas). The Housing Provider will make every effort to meet your required date up to a maximum of 4 weeks prior to your assignment date. You should not book removals / make schooling arrangements etc. until you have received and accepted your formal offer of allocation.
  • If you currently occupy SFA you are required to notify your current Housing Provider that you are assigned within 14 days of receipt of your Assignment Order (unless you are deployed on operations or at sea when this may not be possible, in which case you are to notify your Housing Provider within 14 days of your return). If you currently occupy SSFA, you should also notify the MOD contractor by giving them the appropriate Notice as per your Licence to Occupy (usually 40 days).
  • Preferred Locations: For an entitled move the NHPHD will try and allocate SFA in your preferred location; if the preferred location is not available, the NHPHD will allocate as close as possible to the Duty Station.
  • Once the 1132 form is completed, data submitted may be cross-referenced with JPA records. Disciplinary action may be taken if you knowingly submit incorrect / withhold information that affects your entitlement to accommodation.
  1. You should select which (if any) further items of furniture you wish to have included in your SFA (except Gibraltar). Your selection will be assessed by the respective Furnishing Authority; this normally occurs when you move in to the SFA, on the basis of the numbers and nature of the items requested. You will be advised of this assessment and the impact it will have on the SFA charge you will pay.
If you have any further queries over the completion of this Application Form you should contact your local Housing Provider for advice.   Policy for the provision of SFA is contained in Tri-Service Accommodation Regulations – JSP 464 (Vol 1 Part 1 – UK & Overseas)

1. The name and address of the owner must be inscribed on the dog’s collar.

2. The Licensee is responsible for keeping the pet(s) under control at all times.

Type of Pet (JSP 464 Pt 1 Para 0619b) Breed Colour Is pet caged? Yes / No

3. The pet(s) must be prevented from causing nuisance, including barking and fouling footpaths.

4. The owner/Licensee must comply with the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 if applying to keep a dog(s). The act lists the following dogs as dangerous:

· Pit-Bull Terrier

· Japanese Tosa

· Dogo Argentino

· Fila Braziliero

5. Dogs are not permitted in children’s play areas.

6. The Licensee is to ensure that pet(s) do not damage the fabric of the building, spoil the make up of the garden area or cause damage to perimeter fencing/boarding.

1. Permission will only be considered for the pet(s) listed. Permission must be sought on an individual basis should further pets be acquired.

2. The Licensee is to notify NHPHD if there is any change to the information provided.

3. The Licensee must ensure that carpets, floor coverings, fixtures and fittings are left clean and free of infestation and make good gardens spoilt by animals prior to move out of SFA. Failure to do so may result in charges being raised against the individual.

10. NHPHD retains the right to revoke permission to keep a pet(s) should any of the above rules be contravened, in accordance with JSP 464 Chapter 7. If for any reason, permission to keep a pet is revoked, the owner/licensee is to make arrangements for the animal(s) to be re-housed within 2 weeks of written notification being received.

11. You must not bury deceased pets in the garden of the SFA or on any MOD communal land under any circumstances.