European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit


Please use the forms below to register yourself and your family members with the Central European Practice (CEP) for the duration of your posting in Europe or Turkey.

What does the CEP do?

The CEP is an administrative NHS record holding Medical Practice so although your day-to-day healthcare overseas is undertaken in your host nation your NHS or military medical records can be maintained and certain additional support can be provided as and when required.  During your posting the CEP will work in partnership with host nation healthcare providers and One HMG (Healix).  This partnership ensures that you have appropriate access to healthcare whilst overseas; that your NHS / Defence medical record is maintained and that you can reach in for healthcare advice 24/7. Details on services provided by CEP can be found in the general and location specific patient information leaflets within the Patient Information Leaflets section of this site.

Why register with the CEP? 

Registration with CEP is automatic for Service Personnel and strongly encouraged for civilians.  NHS GPs are required to de-register patients who are leaving the UK for more than three months so registration with the CEP avoids archiving of notes, enhances the care we are able to provide, and ensures that your medical records will be maintained (as long as you provide us with reports and updates) for the duration of your posting.   Reassurance that de-registration with your UK GP and registration with CEP does not prevent access to NHS Services or prevent the re-registration process with a UK GP upon returning to the UK can be found within the Patient Information Leaflets section of this site.  The CEP is the MOD gateway for Healix which means that we review and authorise care pathways in close partnership with our colleagues in the One HMG team.  We have experienced clinical and administrative staff in the team and access to a network of Defence healthcare support. This can be useful to augment care which is provided overseas. 

What is the process for registration and de-registration with CEP?

Registration with the CEP should take place as soon as possible after arriving in country. De-registration should take place as close as possible to your departure.  The forms below have been designed to be as short and simple as possible to avoid duplication with other overseas screening and registration processes.  The forms have also been placed on to make them easier to use.

How do you use my information?

We use your information to enhance the safety of the healthcare offer in the more complicated overseas environment.  We store the healthcare information that you, the NHS and other healthcare providers send us in a secure electronic healthcare record.  The Defence Primary Healthcare (DPHC) patient privacy notice explains how DPHC uses and processes your personal data.

Please use the Registration or De-Registration Form below as appropriate.  Should you wish to use a paper form instead of this electronic version or have any queries about the registration or de-registration process please contact the CEP on


Please use a telephone number you will be using while in location.
Further work email addresses can be added at a later date but for registration purposes please ensure this is a civilian email address