European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit


COVID-19 may well be affecting your sense of mental wellbeing.

This is a stressful and difficult time, and if you are beginning to feel yourself struggling, there are plenty of resources available to help manage your mental health.

Mental Fitness Resources & guides

We know that for some of our people, you will be facing additional challenges right now, whether that’s coping with addiction (for yourself or a family member), living through bereavement, or suffering domestic abuse.

Difficult Circumstances Resources & Guides

In times of increased stress, it’s even more important to take good care of your physical health to maintain resilience.

This includes:
Eating healthily
Finding ways to get a good amount of physical exercise
Ensuring you are sleeping well

It’s also worth thinking about your other habits, such as smoking or drinking, and making sure that you’re keeping those in healthy limits.

Health Lifestyles Resources and Guides

Many of us in Defence will be new to working from home.

This new way of working brings significant challenges and changes to our normal routines, but there is plenty of support available to help you adjust to this temporary change.

It’s very important that you should think about supporting your wellbeing – and the wellbeing of anyone you line manage – during this period.

Working at Home Resources & Guides

We know that, money will also be a big cause of worry for some. There is plenty of help available to help you manage your finances if you need additional support.

Family & Financial Matters Resources & Guides

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