European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit

To provide Firm Base support to Service Personnel, civilians and their families serving with NATO, the EU and elsewhere in Europe and Turkey, in order to facilitate success on operations

COVID19 Day 2 & 8 Form

The payment of testing costs associated with travel to the UK is currently limited to those travelling for the following reasons; Duty,  Medical, Personal Resilience Exemption (PRE), School Children’s Visits (SCV), and Get You Home (GYM).  For those travelling under these conditions, the booking and paying (where applicable) of testing should be as follows:

·         EJSU Supported Personnel

·         2&8 Testing for Duty Travel –  Where the SP or their dependant is travelling for duty travel (Also; GYH, PRE, Medical, SCV) the booking of 2&8 Day Testing is done through the Quarantine and Testing Operations Centre (QTOC) at no cost to the personnel. The request form can be found at the bottom of this page. Please fill in a separate form for EACH family member. The email address required on the form should be a personal email which is accessed regularly to ensure the SP or Dependant can be contacted if required. Once the form is submitted it will automatically notify the Travel Cell. The Travel Cell requires a minimum of 5 working days notice to process your Day 2 and 8 application form, and failure to do so may result in delays and disappointment. The Travel Cell will then forward the information to on behalf of the SP. Once the request has been processed by the QTOC, the SP should receive an email from Royal Mail, confirming the delivery of your 2&8 Day Test package to the address the SP submitted.

·         Individual Booking. Where the QTOC are unable to meet the needs of the SP, the SP has the option to book tests privately using the providers in the UK and claim for an advance of expense. SP should research and confirm their provider and then submit an advance for 100% of the amount and then submit their claim to clear the advance once the tests have been confirmed. Where SP are arranging their own travel they may forward theirs and/or their family details to the Travel Cell using the links above who can add them to the QTOC template for their day of travel. Evidence of approved PRE will need to submitted to the Travel Cell in order for them to arrange the tests. 

·         Pre-travel HN testing.  Pre travel HN testing is to be privately arranged by the SP who may claim an advance of expenses before doing so where personal cost is incurred.

·         GAU Supported Personnel

·         Privately Arranged.  The GAU are to advise their supported population that in accordance with their own privately arranged travel plans they should also book their own testing and claim a 100% advance of expenses once they have confirmed their provider.  For those the GAU support who have access to MODNET and can complete and forward the QTOC template to the QTOC themselves, then this is also an option.  Annex C to  DAN18 confirms the process to be followed.

·         Pre-travel HN testing.  Pre travel HN testing is to be privately arranged by the SP who may claim advance of expenses before doing so where personal cost is incurred.

COVID19 Test Request Form
The cost of 2 & 8 testing is covered by MOD for the following five reasons. Please indicate the reason you are travelling to the UK.
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max 60 Characters - Must be a UK address
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max 50 Characters - Must be a UK address
max 20 Characters - Must be valid postcode - Must be a UK address
max 256 Characters - Please use personal email address so you can be contacted
Starting with the country of origin, please list all countries travelled through on your journey to the UK. e.g. Germany - Belgium - France - Eurotunnel - UK