European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit


DIO Service Delivery understands that moving is never easy, and we hope that you had a good experience with our Allocations and Move In service. We would like to receive your feedback so that we can use this to continue improving our services. Therefore I would be grateful if you could spend some time completing our questionnaire.

Please note: this needs to be regularly monitored in case of emergency

Application and Allocation of SSFA

This form must be completed within 14 days of Move In

Standard of the Property and Estate

Customer care

14 day Move In Observations

This section is your opportunity to note any concerns that were not raised with your Estate Manager on move in.
Customers are often unsure about what to include on this report. The best guidance is to include items that you have identified that were not picked up at your Move In, and that you do not wish to be charged for when it comes to your Move Out. This includes stains on carpets, chips in skirting boards and damage to kitchen units, etc. Do not include items that can be repaired, such as a dripping tap; again these should be reported to your maintenance helpdesk via