European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit


This is the D&I virtual Noticeboard

It has been established to provide a central repository for all D&I information across all three Services.


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D&I Mandated Training Requirements – Most of the links below are MODNet links.

 Standard ModelCOVID ModelPolicy
Royal NavyBe The Change (BtC): Level 2: Advanced Training is to be delivered to all members of the Naval Service, whether Regular or Maritime Reservel ranging in rank/rate from AB/Mne to Officers of OF5 rank and including those in Command positions.  RTNM 07-073/20 provided an update to the delivery of Be the Change that allowed training to be delivered via MS Teams/Skype, rather than face to face  BR3 Ch30
British ArmyMATT6: Completion of annual MATT 6 Behaviours training is mandatory. This will include attending a central brief delivered by the Commanding Officer or Department Head and completion of additional DI&B trg from the Virtual Bookshelf as part of the Unit D&I plan.   In extremis, where individuals cannot attend the CO’s brief, MATT 6 Behaviours may be completed on the DLE.The D &I element of MATT 6 Virtual Bookshelf requires the soldier to complete the DLE D &I Fundamentals course where formal training cannot be provided.AGAI 75  
Royal Air ForceFace it Fix it all RAF personnel in productive service up to the rank of Gp Capt, are mandated to complete Face it Fix it training at least every 3 years. This must be delivered by a qualified and authorised facilitator.Due to COVID-19 it has been agreed that the completion of both of the “Defence Diversity & Inclusion Fundamentals” and “Active Bystander Fundamentals” Courses (both available on the DLE) in lieu of the current mandated D&I training. This agreement is only in place until 1 Apr 21.AP3392 Vol 5 Lflt 109