European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit


For which type of claim is guidance required?

Please select the applicable guide from the headings below:

Respite Provision Guides

Below you will see two separate documents that will guide you through the use of RP.

These guides are designed to supplement the guidance found within JSP 752. Before submitting any claim please consult JSP 752 to establish your entitlements.

RP Journey Application explains how to apply for journey approval prior to travel.

This RP Claim Guide explains how to place your claim onto JPA.

Apply for Second Vehicle Supplement (SVS)

In accordance with the new LOA regulations accompanied personnel in PStat Cat 1, 1S or 1C may be eligible for an additional daily contribution towards the cost of running and maintaining a second vehicle whilst on an overseas assignment.

For the purposes of SVS a vehicle is defined as a machine with wheels and an engine used to convey people or goods (e.g. car, van, campervan, motor bike) for personal use.  You may not register a vehicle used for a business.

To initially claim you will be required to provide a copy of the Registration Document and Insurance Green Card for both vehicles.  This will need to be produced annually for continued payment and you are advised to note the date of your initial claim and set a reminder to provide the NSE with the new documents one month prior to the renewal date.

More locations will be added in the future.
The date you are due to depart, sometimes known as End of Tour Date.
If assigned prior to 01 Jul 21 set this date to 01 Jul 21. If assigned after this date the start date will be set to when both vehicles are registered at the location.
School Children’s Visits (SCV)

The SCV Calculator will allow you to compare your actual journey to the notional journey. This will dictate what you claim for.

Overseas Nursery Authority and Universal Infants Free School Meal Costs
Arrivals Claims Guide
Advance of Subsistence/Get You Home (Overseas)Travel
Passport/Visa Fees
Overseas Private Vehicle Provision

Current OPVP maximum cap rate is £1025.  Please refer to JSP 752 to confirm this rate prior to submission of your expense claim:


Get you home (overseas) Expense claim
Get you home (Overseas) Journey number