European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit


Congratulations on your assignment! NSE Naples will be your admin support during your time overseas, they will contact you over the coming months/weeks with various bits of information and guidance to aid your move.  You are requested to complete all documentation in a timely manner.  We can be contacted with any issues, queries or concerns along the way.

Pre-Arrivals Checklist

Please ensure you have completed all of the following steps included in this Pre-Arrivals Checklist:

Supportability DIN: Before you start this process please ensure that you have read and fully understood the Supportability DIN below & actioned the rest of this Pre-Arrivals Checklist.

Supportability DIN

Dental Treatment: There is a requirement to read through the Dental Treatment from non-Service Sources DIN 

Health Service Support: There is a requirement to read through the  Health Service Support for EJSU Locations DIN 

Pre-Assignment Recce Visits DIN: There is a requirement to read through the Pre Assignment Recce Visits DIN

Education of Service Children and Young People-JSP 342: There is a requirement to read through JSP 342

Admin Instructions: When you have completed the Arrivals service below please ensure you send a copy of your Joining/Admin instructions to the NSE –

Arrivals Proforma Forms

To enable us to assist you with your arrivals process, please complete the relevant online forms below:

If you are Unaccompanied please complete Arrivals Proforma Part A

If you are Accompanied please complete Proforma Part A & Part B

If you are Accompanied with Children please complete Proforma Part A, Part B & Part C

Part A – Personal Details

Part B – Spouse/Partner Details
Part C – Children Details (Please ensure you submit one per child)