European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit

Fleet endorsed People & Training (P&T) Roadshows

Navy Command has stood up a People Liaison Team (PLT) to ensure that RN/RM personnel are kept abreast of the changes that are happening with respect to P&T through the means of Roadshows.  The most up-to-date information on changes happening through the Navy Service will be provided and their visit will be enhanced with the inclusion of various project leads and SMEs to focus on those particular elements of change that are deemed most pertinent to Navy personnel.

Visits will include the presentation of general P&T transformation messaging by the PLT, with workshops and clinics providing the opportunity for people to further engage with the leads from the Divisional & Regimental Review, Diversity & Inclusion Team, RN Empowerment Team and any other projects associated with People Transformation which influence the lived experience of our people.  The P&T Roadshow is an excellent opportunity for you and your people to engage directly with the project leads, to air their views, ask questions and offer up their suggestions, comments and good ideas.  Each Roadshow is expected to last no more than 6 hours in total.  

A list of proposed dates and locations are below, please use this form to register your interest.

Despite listing 5 Roadshow locations, the P&T team may decide that there’s insufficient RN/RM numbers to justify a Roadshow being delivered at a certain location(s).