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Training & Education

Training & Education

Learning Credits: The Ministry of Defence (MOD) promotes lifelong learning among members of the Armed Forces, and this is encouraged through the Learning Credit schemes.

Standard Learning Credits

The Standard Learning Credit (SLC) scheme supplies financial support, throughout the career of Service personnel (SP), for multiple, small-scale Learning Purposes to further motivate Regular and Reserve SP to pursue personal development throughout their Service.

SLC is not an entitlement. Provided SP fulfil the relevant criteria set out in JSP 822, Volume 9, Chapter 2 (MODNET Link) they will be eligible to claim SLC support. Eligible SP may claim 80% of fees, up to a maximum of £175 per FY, paid to LPs for certain personal development courses, examinations and support. This support is provided on a ‘sharing’ basis reflecting the mutual benefit that personal development brings to the SP and the organisation.

Making an application: sS have procedures for processing and implementing SLC applications. Before embarking on a SLC funded course, SP must complete the Tri-Service application form (MOD Form 1950 – SLC Application Form linked here for access via Defence Gateway) and ensure it is signed by their Line Manager, then forwarded to for approval through J7, without this, SP will be ineligible for a refund. Applications must be approved prior to the start of any proposed learning. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

Enhanced Learning Credits

The Scheme allows a single award in each of a maximum of three separate Financial Years, or a single aggregated lower tier award. ELCs may be claimed for learning which is an integral part, and results in the cost-effective achievement, of a nationally recognised qualification at Level 3 or above. The ELC scheme permits Regular SP to pursue their personal development, both during their Service and generally for 5 years after discharge, subject to the eligibility criteria being met. All SP eligible to receive ELC support are required to adhere to the Direction – JSP 822, Volume 9, Chapter 3 (MODNET Link)

Low tier eligibility begins after 4 years of service and is set at £1,000 maximum claim per ELC. Higher tier eligibility applies after 8 years of active service and is set at £2,000 maximum claim per ELC. Your ELC claim is a contribution of up to 80% of a course’s cost – whether higher or lower tier eligible, the SP must contribute a minimum of 20% of the course’s cost.

How to Apply

All applications are to be made electronically at

SP will need to use their Service Number as the login at the Members Area on the front page.

Please read this document prior to submitting your claim to your Education Staff*.

*Army and Navy SP: Catriona Greenwood or Peter Barnes at 30AEC Woolwich.

*RAF SP: Linda Roy at RAF Lossiemouth.

Your Education Officer will be in contact to update your education plan and this will be held on file.

ELC ‘How to’ Guide.

For further information on the above schemes or for general education enquiries, in the first instance please contact:

Mrs Nikki Clark | IER and ELC Administrator | J7 | European Joint Support Unit | SHAPE | BFPO 26
Mil: 9205 423 2869 Civ: +32 (0) 6544 2869


All Regular Service, FTRS and MPGS personnel are entitled to resettlement support on discharge from the Armed Forces, regardless of their length of service or their type of discharge. Specific entitlement and categorisation or the resettlement support available is given in JSP 534 Sect 2.1. In addition, all serving personnel are entitled to access both Resettlement Information Staff and Service Resettlement Adviser at any stage of their career for advice.

EJSU Resettlement Support

First Line SupportIER Administrator, J7,
Second Line SupportArmy/Navy/RM: Individual Education and Resettlement Officer (IERO), 30AEC, Woolwich

RAF: Regional Resettlement Officer (RRO), RAF Lossiemouth Please also visit the RAF Resettlement Hub
Third Line SupportCareer Transition


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MOD F1746 link 

Annex D – EJSU travel application link –

For further information on resettlement, in the first instance please contact: 

Mrs Nikki Clark | IER and ELC Administrator | J7 | European Joint Support Unit | SHAPE | BFPO 26  

Mil: 9205 423 2869  Civ: +32 (0) 6544 2869