European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit

To provide Firm Base support to Service Personnel, civilians and their families serving with NATO, the EU and elsewhere in Europe and Turkey, in order to facilitate success on operations


The UK Dining Facility will once again be opening its doors for lunch time meals on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10th November 2021 as a cash only pay as you dine facility.

Due to COVID19 this will be done in a controlled fashion:

A facility for booking one of 2 x 8 person tables will be facilitated below and must be submitted a minimum of 1 week in advance.

Bookings must be for a minimum of 4 people or a maximum of 6 including the sponsor.

Defence Engagement has precedence in booking a table.

UK Personnel are to attend in uniform as a precedent. Those unable to attend in uniform are to be prepared to present a valid MOD 90 and SHAPE ID card to prove entitlement. All other attendees should be prepared to show a SHAPE ID card.

Dress regulations and rules of behavior within the UK Dining Facility remain extant and those attending will be held to those standards.

Due to COVID19 restrictions all personnel must display COVIDSAFE certificates until Host Nation and local regulations dictate otherwise.

QM reserves the right to cancel bookings where entitled feeders would be disadvantaged. (Crown Feeders)

PAYD (pre-booked tables) will use the central doors to enter the Dining Facility.

Entitled and non-entitled rates will remain extant.

Event bookings (top tables, Single Service events etc.) need to be staffed separately and should follow the etiquette of requesting the use of the facility from CO EJSU

When using the booking form below please remember you can only book a min of 4 seats and a maximum of 6 before clicking checkout. You must click one time slot per person before clicking checkout.