1. LGBT+ History Month. February is LGBT+ History Month providing an opportunity to reflect, raise awareness and advance education on matters affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) people every day. There are several events and information sources which can support this activity across the Army and ensure that our LGBT+ soldiers are able to be themselves. ​​​​​​​


  1. The Army LGBT+ Network Conference. Relive last month’s conference on Defence Connect. Supporting information and other useful links can be found here. Find the Network with the details below:




Twitter: @ArmyLGBT

Defence Connect: Army-lgbt-forum


  1. Army in Scotland LGBT+ Networks. The Army in Scotland will be holding a Virtual Conference via Zoom on Mon 22 Feb 21. Speakers from around Scotland will be discussing what it’s like in their roles as an LGBT+ member. The Calling Notice is here. Poster with QR code is here.


  1. Defence LGBT+ History month activity. Details on a range of events and activities during February can be found here.


  1. Launch of shOUT Civil Service LGBT+ Network Sharepoint. shOUT is the lesbian, gay, bi and trans inclusive (LGBT+) MOD network for Civilian staff. It aims to work in partnership with leaders across Defence to create a safe, inclusive and diverse working environment. Further information is here.



  1. 3 Mar 21, 1930hrs – Army Parents’ Network Webinar – Special Educational Needs. The Army Parents Network will hold the 4th Webinar in their series on Wed 3 Mar 21 at 1930. The event will be delivered by a specialist in Special Educational Needs, Sophie Scott. Sophie is a Special Educational needs tutor in the Salisbury area. Find more details at http://www.tadahsen.co.uk/. This webinar is open to all serving individuals and their families and will look to cover the following topics:


  • Early recognition of different SEN.
  • How SEN are misdiagnosed.
  • SEN support and how it varies from school to school.
  • Different organisations that come into schools to help and how to ask for them / access the support.
  • EHCPs / Myplans etc and how to get them so that the support moves when children move schools.
  • Legal options if you do not get the support that you think your child needs.


To register to attend, please to complete the form at this LINK.


  1. Army Servicewomen’s Body Armour and Clothing Survey. Please disseminate this link to servicewomen in order to gather feedback about the issued body armour and clothing. The results from the survey will be used to identify future design and development needs of equipment and clothing for female service personnel. The survey is here: https://surveys.mod.uk/index.php/862381?lang=en.


  1. ABN 012/21 Interim Mandatory Pre-Board Training Requirements. Following changes to the Civil Service Learning D&I trg, interim mandatory pre-board training requirements have been introduced from 01 Feb 21 – 31 Jul 21 to ensure trust and transparency. All personnel involved in promotion and appointment boarding (including order of merit boards) at APC or in Formations and Units must complete all mandatory courses prior to conducting boarding activity. The following must be completed:


  • Senior Officer Leading Diverse and Inclusive Organisations (LDIO) for OF6 and above
  • MATT 6 Behaviours Part 1 for OF5 and below and for those OF6 and above who have yet to complete LDIO and whose previous D&I certification has lapsed


NOTE – In addition, the CS D&I trg is no longer a pre-requisite for attendance on D&I(P) or (A) trg or for EDIA qualification extensions.


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